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Trade in goods and services

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Domestic trade

Food sales

Food sales statistics describe sales of food and drink within the Swedish grocery stores totally and by products. Published in the Swedish Statistical Databases from the year 2000 and in a statistical report HA 24 SM, Food sales.

Index of Service Production

Service production index is used as a basis for GDP calculations and will give monthly information about the production in the Swedish service sector. The index is built on results from other surveys. Published in the Swedish Statistical Databases since 2005 and in a monthly press release.

Turnover in the service sector

This is a sample and registerbased survey measuring the turnover development monthly for retail trade and quarterly for wholesale trade and other services. Published in Swedish Statistical Databases from 1990, in monthly press releases and quarterly statistical reports NV 22 SM. Turnover and inventory statistics for the service sector. From the first quarter 2014, the statistical report will be replaced by a press release for inventory statistics and tables in Swedish Statistical Databases concerning the turnover statistics.

Turnover Statistics for the Private Sector

- Regional divisions

Here you will find the information needed to broaden your knowledge of your total market. With the help of the VAT-register you can get information of turnover in different industries, divided by regions (Sweden, counties and communes) and size class. Below in Requested tables and diagrams you can see a sample of what we can offer you.

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