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Living conditions

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Living conditions
Children and their Families

Statistics Sweden produces, yearly since 1998, comprehensive statistics about children's living conditions. The statistics is about children's families, about separation between parents, joint and sole custody, about adopted children, geographic distance between children and parents, about parents' employment and about economic conditions.

Living Conditions Survey of Children

The Living Conditions Survey of Children provides a picture of the everyday life of children. The children who we interview are 12–18 years (before 2015, 10–18 years old) and have been chosen because one of the parents in the household has been interviewed in the Living Conditions Survey. We ask the children how they feel, their situation in school, what they do in their spare time and about their relationships with friends, parents, teachers and other adults. We can then link the answers to the questions to the information submitted by the adults in the household, such as the parents' education and living conditions.

Living Conditions Surveys (ULF/SILC)

The Swedish Living Conditions Surveys give you information on living conditions among different groups in Swedish society. The areas covered include housing, income, health, leisure, civic activities, social relationships, employment and security. Because a number of the questions are the same as those in surveys of other EU countries, it is possible to make comparisons with other countries within the EU.

We collect information via telephone interviews with a sample of the Swedish population aged 16 and older.

Living conditions of children are described in the Living Conditions Survey of Children.

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