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Structural Business statistics 2015:

Mostly upwards for the business economy in 2015

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2017-05-11 9.30

In 2015, the Swedish business economy increased its contribution to GDP by 6.6 percent. The number of persons employed increased by 1.9 percent and the turnover by 5.4 percent. Increased sales of new cars and exports have affected the motor vehicles industry positively and its turnover increased by 17 percent. Employment activities continue strongly, and the value added increased by 21 percent between 2014 and 2015.

Compared with 2014, value added (contribution to GDP), increased by 6.6 percent, turnover by 5.4 percent and persons employed by 1.9 percent. The financial ratios’ return on total assets and value added by persons employed increased in the service sector as well as in the industrial sector.

In 2015, the Swedish business economy (excluding financial services) consisted of over one million enterprises with 2.7 million persons employed (measured in full-time equivalents). These enterprises had a joint turnover of SEK 7 723 billion and created value added equal to SEK 2 306 billion. Their total assets amounted to SEK 16 700 billion.

The business economy consists largely of small and medium sized enterprises. A very large proportion (97 percent) is the so called micro-enterprises with less than 10 persons employed. These accounted for less than one quarter of the value added created in the business economy in 2015. Large enterprises with 250 or more persons employed made up less than 0.1 percent of the total enterprise population, but contributed with as much as 39 percent to the value added.

Rise for motor vehicles, employment activities, residential care and social work activities

The motor vehicle manufacturing industry (NACE 29) increased the net turnover by almost SEK 41 billion during 2015, partly due to an increase in new car sales. This represents an increase of 17 percent. This, together with increased exports, has affected the motor vehicles industry positively and the operating profit increased by about SEK 17 billion. Employment activities (NACE 78) is an industry which has grown strongly over the last few years. In 2015, value added increased by 21 percent, turnover by 19 percent and persons employed by 14 percent. Residential care and social work activities (NACE 87–88) are two industries where the growth has been strong for a long time. Value added increased with another 10 percent during 2015, turnover by 12 percent and number of employees by 6 percent.

Definitions and explanations

All information is reported in current prices. All comparisons in this statistical news have been made with final data for 2014.

Net turnover: net turnover excluding excise duties.

Employees: Average number of employees, full-time: Two half-time employees are counted as one full-time employee.

Value added: Actual production minus costs for purchased goods and services, although not salaries, payroll taxes and the costs of goods for resale (because only the trade margin for these is included in the production value).

Operating profit: Operating profit after depreciation

Operating margin: Operating profit in relation to net turnover in percent.

Return on total assets: Operating profit and financial income in relation to total assets in percent.

Business economy: Enterprises conducting business activities in Sweden regardless of legal form. Businesses with financial activities and housing cooperatives are not included in the Structural Business Statistics. Public administration activities are not included either.

The industrial sector: NACE 01–43 according to NACE Rev. 2.

The services sector: NACE 45–96 (excl. 64–66 and 84) according to NACE Rev. 2.

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