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Analysis and statistics concerning education of the population

Upcoming publishing: 2017-12-13

Statistics in the area of education of the population, which provides more detail with regard to official statistics in the area, are presented here. The statistics refer to the education of the population, different education groups’ transition to and position on the labour market, as well as new issues in the area that are relevant in the public debate. Reports are published mainly in the report series Thematic reports.

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Title Language Type Date
Working or studying? Outcome of post-secondary folk high school courses Report 2017-12-13
Outcome of higher vocational education Report 2017-12-13
Working och studying? Outcome of post-secondary education inom arts and culturein arts and culture Report 2017-12-13
Studying abroad – what happens next? Report 2017-11-14
Analysis and statistics concerning education of the population Report 2017-04-28
Nurses outside of their profession Report 2017-02-07
Teachers outside of their profession Report 2017-02-07
Youth learning mobility in Sweden Report 2017-02-06
Theme: Education 2012:2 The period between upper secondary school and university/higher education Report 2012-04-11
Swedish for Immigrants Report 2009-04-29
Youths without completed upper secondary education – a survey with many challenges Report 2008-03-28
Living conditions of students in higher education SM 2007-11-28
Folk High School Follow-up 2006 SM 2006-12-07
Nursery school teacher SM 2005-12-07
The provision of teachers 2004 SM 2005-05-31
The labour market for teachers 2004 SM 2005-05-31
First-year students autumn 2000 in municipal adult education SM 2003-12-16
The Labour Market of the Graduates from Postgraduate Education SM 2003-12-12
Adult Education 2003 Report 2003-12-08
Adult learning 2002 SM 2003-11-07

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