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Development in protected coastal zones

The purpose of the study is to assess the impact of buildings and built-up land in protected coastal zones. The Swedish coastline equals 419 000 kilometres in length. All stretches of land neighbouring water is taken into account, except for rivers less than six meters of width. Any segment of the coastline within 100 meters from a building is considered as influenced by buildings.

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Developed land in shoreline protection areas


During the period 2010–2014 nearly 57 000 new buildings were completed in Sweden. Of these buildings, 15 percent were within 100 metres of the water. This is the zone that usually consists of shoreline protection areas. During the period 2006-2009, the new buildings close to the shoreline comprised 16 percent of all buildings.

All statistical news for this survey


Title Language Type Date
Buildings erected close to shores 2010–2014 SM 2015-11-11
Coast and shores influenced by buildings SM 2011-10-19
Bebyggd mark i strandskyddsområden 2006–2009 SM 2011-03-31
Bebyggd mark i strandskyddsområden 2001–2005 SM 2007-06-29
Coast and shores influenced by buildings SM 2004-02-12
Coast and shores influenced by buildings SM 2002-07-29
Development in coastal zones alonge the western coast of Sweden SM 1999-06-30

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