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Debt securities statistics, February 2017:

Interest-bearing debt securities continue to increase

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2017-03-16 9.30

The value of outstanding borrowing in debt securities was SEK 7 559 billion at the end of February. This is an increase of SEK 139 billion compared with the previous month. SEK 80 billion of this increase is due to increased borrowing in money market instruments, for the most part denominated in US dollars.

The value of the outstanding bond stock rose by SEK 59 billion in February and amounted to SEK 6 454 billion at the end of the month. Net issue in Swedish kronor was measured at SEK 38 billion, and SEK 37 billion in foreign currency bonds reached maturity. However, changes in exchange rates contributed noticeably to the increase in long-term borrowing, after the US dollar and Euro exchange rates were strengthened against the Swedish krona during the month. Housing bonds contributed SEK 26 billion, while other monetary financial institutions (MFIs) was the only sector that decreased borrowing in bonds, by SEK 2 billion.

Debt securities statistics, February 2017

Borrowing increased most in the bank sector and other MFIs in February, by SEK 67 billion and SEK 35 billion respectively. These sectors together account for 73 percent of the total increase. Net issue of money market instruments, largely denominated in USD, issue of Riksbank certificates and exchange rate changes are the main reason behind the increased debt stock in these two sectors. Overall, the debt securities for banks and other MFIs amounted to SEK 2 347 billion and SEK 893 billion respectively.

In February, net issue of bonds by non-financial and other financial enterprises amounted to SEK 6 billion. At the same time, money market instruments matured at a value of SEK 2 billion. Together with the exchange rate development during the month, borrowing increased by SEK 9 billion for the sector and amounted to SEK 1 095 billion.

Total central government interest-bearing debt securities increased by roughly SEK 1 billion to SEK 1 243 billion as a result of a net issue of treasury bonds amounting to SEK 9 billion. At the same time, commercial papers denominated in USD matured at a value of SEK 14 billion.

Municipalities’ nominal balance value increased by SEK 2 billion and was measured at SEK 177 billion at the end of February. New issues in Swedish kronor contributed to the increase.

Debt securities statistics, February 2017

Structure of maturity

In March, debt securities amounting to SEK 626 billion will reach maturity, of which SEK 375 billion is denominated in Swedish kronor. In other monetary finance institutions and banks, debt securities amounting to SEK 458 billion will reach maturity, which corresponds to 73 percent of the total maturity value in March.

Within one year, SEK 2 170 billion will reach maturity, of which SEK 1 157 billion is denominated in foreign currency. Of the total value to reach maturity within one year, SEK 1 064 billion concerns long-term securities and the bank, housing and government sectors have the largest maturity value, totalling SEK 778 billion.

SEK 1 379 billion of the current interest-bearing debt stock has a remaining maturity of five years or more. SEK 646 billion of this refers to bonds denominated in foreign currency and SEK 608 billion refers to treasury bonds and housing bonds denominated in Swedish kronor.

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