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Producer and import price index, November 2017:

An upturn for producer- and import prices in November 2017

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2017-12-22 9.30

Producer prices in total increased by 1.5 percent between October and November. In the same period, prices increased with 2.0 percent on the export as well as on the import market. Prices on the domestic market made an upturn with 1.0 percent.

Prices on domestic supply, that is, producer prices on the domestic and import markets together, increased by 1.5 percent from October to November.

Changes during the last month

The main contribution to the increase on the domestic market is due to higher prices on electricity and electricity distribution services, which have increased by 2.0 and by 4.0 percent, respectively. On the export market the main contribution was due to higher prices for metals and pulp, paper and paperboard, which increased by 2.9 percent and by 2.1 percent respectively. The development on the import market is mostly due to an increase in prices of crude oil which increased by 11.9 percent.

Changes during the last year

In the last year, producer prices, that is producer prices on the domestic and export markets together, have increased by 2.7 percent. In the same period, prices on the import market increased by 3.5 percent, on the export market they increased by 2.0 percent and on the domestic market prices increased by 3.4 percent. Prices for domestic supply increased by 3.5 percent compared to the same period last year.

Total: B-E*

Index Change, percent (monthly) Change, percent (yearly)
  November 17, 2005=100 October 17 -November 17 November 16 -November 17
Producer Price Index
119.9 1.5 2.7
126.1 0.7 3.5
Producer Price Index, home sales
125.7 1.0 3.4
Electricity, gas, heating
125.6 3.4 ‑3.3
100.6 4.1 ‑13.1
Export Price Index
114.5 2.0 2.0
Import Price Index
113.6 2.0 3.5
Price Index for domestic supply
119.6 1.5 3.5
Consumer goods
122.6 0.2 1.0
Capital goods
105.9 0.4 ‑0.3
Intermediate goods
126.6 1.0 4.3
Energy related goods**
126.3 7.1 10.0

* Products from mining and quarrying, manufactured products, electricity, gas, heating, cooling, water and waste collection. ** Subgroups 05, 06, 19, 35 and 36: Energy minerals (mainly crude oil), coal, refined petroleum products, nuclear fuel, electricity, gas, heating, cooling and water.

Changes in exchange rates from October to November

An appreciation or depreciation of the Swedish currency has a tendency to lower or raise export and import prices in Swedish Kronor. According to Swedish Customs exchange rates, the Swedish Krona depreciated against the American Dollar by 2.6 percent, against the Norwegian Krona by 0.9 percent and against the Euro and the Danish Krona by 0.5 percent. Although the Swedish Krona appreciated against the English Pound by 0.1 percent.

Product group according
to SPIN 2007
Largest contributions, in percentage points, to total percentage change, October-November
  Producer Price Index, home salesExport Price IndexImport Price Index
Crude oil
Pulp, paper and paperboard
Chemical and chemical products
0.1 0.1 0.1
Basic metals
0.1 0.3 0.1
Fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
Electrical equipment
Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
0.2 0.1 0.1
Distribution services of electricity
District heating

New product classification

SPIN 2015 in the statistical database. Both product classifications will be available during 2017 and 2018. In 2019, price indices will only be available according to SPIN 2015. Users are recommended to start using SPIN 2015 when it is available.

The differences between the two classifications are small. Most changes occur within divisions in Sections A-E. For more information on both classifications (available only in Swedish), please see:

Standard för svensk produktindelning efter näringsgren (SPIN)

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