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New method produces more current environmental accounts

Pressmeddelande | 2016-04-28

On 29 April the environmental accounts at Statistics Sweden will publish statistics on emissions to air for 2015. The figures for the entire year are more current than previously, because the environmental accounts have been producing quarterly statistics on emissions since last autumn. When the statistics for the fourth quarter of 2015 are complete, the preliminary figures for the entire year can also be presented.

- Decision-makers and environmental organisations have been requesting more current environmental accounts. Therefore Statistics Sweden has been publishing environmental accounts since last autumn on emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollution for each quarter. We are the first in the world to do so, says Maria Lidén, responsible for statistics on emissions to air.

The environmental accounts provide a statistical framework that enables us to analyse the link between the environment and the economy. By producing statistics on industries and households, we are able to see how the different actors influence the economy as well as the environment.

The environmental accounts for the three quarters of 2015 that have been presented so far show that the Swedish GDP is growing at the same time as emissions of greenhouse gases are decreasing.

- That GDP is growing, but emissions are not increasing at the same time shows that the use of fossil fuels has decreased in the areas of electricity, gas and heating plants, and that industries with low emissions such as IT and finance are doing well, says Maria Lidén.

The environmental accounts also analyse how economic instruments affect emissions to the atmosphere. It is important to make climate policy decisions that have an effect on greenhouse gas emissions.

The figures for the fourth quarter and the entire year will be published at 09:30 on Friday 29 April.


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