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Sweden now has a population of 10 million

The date 20 January is historic in Swedish population statistics: it is the day when Sweden’s population is expected to reach 10 million people listed in the population register.

Sweden’s population has increased sharply in recent years. The reason for the increasing population is that there are more births than deaths, and that immigration is greater than emigration. Immigration surplus accounted for three fourths, and birth surplus accounted for one fourth of the population growth from 9 to 10 million.

Statistics Sweden and its predecessor, Tabellverket, have kept statistical population records for 268 years. Historically speaking, it has taken a long time for the population to reach the next million. It took 35 years to go from 8 to 9 million inhabitants, while the last million took 13 years.

“We do not know the identity of the ten millionth inhabitant in Sweden. It could be a new-born child, or someone who has immigrated to Sweden,” says Linus Garp, population statistician at Statistics Sweden.

The model that the Statistics Sweden population clock is based on contains some uncertainty, and the government agency will only know precisely when the population reached 10 million after the fact.

From 1.8 million to 10 million

When Statistics Sweden’s predecessor, Tabellverket, began to collect population statistics in 1749, there were just under 1.8 million people living in Sweden (excluding Finland).

When we reached a population of 9 million in 2004, there were more women than man - women accounted for 50.5 percent and men accounted for 49.5 percent. Since then, the number of men has increased at a higher rate than the number of women, and by March 2015, there were more men than women. Among all those listed in Sweden’s population register, 82 percent were born in Sweden and 18 percent are foreign born. Finland is most common country of birth among foreign born persons.

Based on all those listed in the population register in Sweden

Sweden’s population statistics is based on all those listed in the population register in Sweden. To be added to the population register in Sweden, those who, for instance, immigrate to Sweden, should intend to and have the right to stay in Sweden for at least one year.

Population figures are available in several places on, for instance in the form of monthly statistics on the start page. These are based on reported data and are different from the population clock, as monthly statistics are published with a five-week delay.

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