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Statistics by subject area

Statistics Sweden, together with other statistical agencies, develop official statistics. Such statistics are divided into subject areas listed below. Statistics not included in Sweden's official statistics can also be found among the subject areas.

  • Agriculture, forestry and fishery
    (Agricultural economy and production, Forestry, Fishery, Animal health, Aquaculture, Forest state and change)
  • Business activities
    (Accomodations, Investments, Bankruptcies, Industrial capacity, Inventories, International enterprises)
  • Culture and leisure
    (Adult education associations, Cultural environment conservation, Cultural funding, Libraries, Museums)
  • Democracy
    (European Parliament election, General election, Local democracy, Elected representatives)
  • Education and research
    (Adult learning, research, school system, daycare, financial aid for studies, supply and recuitment need for labour, entrance into labour market, trends and forecasts, educational expenditures)
  • Energy
    (Energy balances, Energy supply and use, Fuel statistics, Electricity, Oildeliveries)
  • Environment
    (Environmental sanction charge, Emissions, Air, Environmental accounts, Environmental pressure, Environmental protection expenditure, Indicators, Sustainable development)
  • Financial markets
    (Financial market, Insurances, Shareholding, Enterprises, Financial acounts)
  • Health and medical care
    (Causes of death, Health and disease, Healthcare and medical services)
  • Household finances
    (Houshold finances, Income, Household budget, Taxes, Wealth, Capital gains and losses)
  • Housing, construction and building
    (Housing, Construction, Rent, Real estate taxes, Building permitt)
  • Judicial system
    (Recidivism, Courts of law, Offences, Correctional care)
  • Labour market
    (Labour, Gross wages, Disabled persons, Working hours, Occupationsl injuries, Sick pay, Vacancies, Unemployment, Salaries, Work environment)
  • Living conditions
    (Living conditions, Gender statistics, Welfare, Integration, Time Use )
  • National Accounts
    (National accounts, Regional accounts, Activity index, Social protection expenditure, Expressive Deficit Procedure)
  • Population
    (Population, Housing census, Demography, Population projection)
  • Prices and Consumption
    (Prices, Consumption, Building Prices, Priceindex, Household purchasing plans, Producer index, Import prices, Purchasing power )
  • Public finances
    (Central government budget, Tax assessment, Governmen borrowing and depth, Local government finances)
  • Social insurance
    (Assistance allowance, Maintenance support, Parental insurance, Pension, Pension system, Sick pay, Sicness care, inacticity measures, desability alowand)
  • Social services
    (Social services for children and young people, Social assistance, Care for drug abusers, Family law, Family counceling, Care and services for elderly, Car for persons with impairments)
  • Trade in goods and services
    (Foreign trade, Export, Import, Turnover, Service production index)
  • Transport and communications
    (Postal services, Road traffic, Rail traffic, Air traffic, Maritime traffic, Telecom, Communication patterns)

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