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Statistical news

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    Thursday 2017-03-23| Fastighetstaxeringar

    Norwegian ownership far the largest

    In Sweden, 37 492 holiday homes are owned by foreigners which is a marginal increase compared with 2015. Swedes living abroad own 13 063 holiday homes in the country. In 2016 foreign ownership of holiday homes in Sweden was 6.5 percent while expatriate Swedes owned 2.3 percent of all holiday homes in the country.

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    Thursday 2017-03-23| Finansräkenskaper, kvartal och år

    Households remain cautious in their financial investments

    Households continued to be cautious in their purchases of shares and funds in the fourth quarter 2016. Instead, households chose to save in bank accounts, and net purchases of tenant-owned apartments were at a record level in 2016. Central government financial savings were positive for the third consecutive quarter, and for 2016, central government financial savings amounted to SEK 52 billion.

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    Tuesday 2017-03-21| Population statistics

    Many new citizens in 2016

    In 2016, 60 343 people became Swedish citizens, which is a rise of 25 percent compared with the previous year. Never before have so many people received Swedish citizenship during one year. In the second half of the year, many former British citizens applied for and were granted Swedish citizenship. This was probably a reaction to the UK European Union membership referendum.

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    Thursday 2017-03-16| Securities statistics

    Interest-bearing debt securities continue to increase

    The value of outstanding borrowing in debt securities was SEK 7 559 billion at the end of February. This is an increase of SEK 139 billion compared with the previous month. SEK 80 billion of this increase is due to increased borrowing in money market instruments, for the most part denominated in US dollars.

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    Thursday 2017-03-16| Labour Force Surveys (LFS)

    The number of employees in the municipal sector increased

    In February 2017, there were 4 920 000 employed persons aged 15-74, not seasonally adjusted. This was an increase of 114 000 persons compared with February 2016. The number of unemployed persons amounted to 392 000, which corresponds to an unemployment rate of 7.4 percent. The number of employees in the municipal sector increased by 51 000 and amounted to 1 160 000 compared with the same month in 2016. The number of hours worked averaged 161.4 million per week. Smoothed and seasonally adjusted data shows an increase in the employment rate and small changes in the unemployment rate, which was 6.9 percent.

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    Wednesday 2017-03-15| The Swedish economy – statistical perspective

    Growth picked up in the fourth quarter

    In the fourth quarter Sweden’s economy grew more rapidly than in previous quarters in the year. Exports provided the largest contribution to the GDP for the second quarter in a row. At the same time, household consumption continued to be subdued, while gross fixed capital formation increased after the slowdown in the third quarter. Read more about the GDP development and find in-depth articles in the current issue of Sweden’s economy – statistical perspective.

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    Tuesday 2017-03-14| Consumer Price Index (CPI)

    Inflation rate according to CPIF 2.0 percent

    The inflation rate according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was 1.8 percent in February 2017, up from 1.4 percent in January. The Swedish Consumer Price Index (CPI) was up by 0.7 percent from January to February 2017. In the corresponding period last year, the CPI also increased but only by 0.3 percent.

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    Friday 2017-03-10| Investment Survey

    In 2016, Swedish manufacturing industry provided positive surprise and invested heavily

    Investment volumes in the manufacturing industry increased by 12 percent in total in 2016. Heavy investments in the pulp and paper industry and the pharmaceutical industry in particular are responsible for the increase. Enterprises’ submitted forecasts point to unchanged investment volumes in 2017.

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    Thursday 2017-03-09| Index of Service Production

    Service production increased in January

    The Index of Service Production increased by 0.6 percent in January compared with December in seasonally adjusted figures. In the three-month period November 2016–January 2017, production increased by 2.2 percent in seasonally adjusted figures compared with August–October 2016. The Index of Service Production increased by 6.7 percent in volume and working day adjusted figures in January 2017 compared with the same month of the previous year.

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    Thursday 2017-03-09| Business Production Index

    Business production increased in January

    Production in the business sector increased by 0.9 percent in seasonally adjusted figures in January 2017compared with December 2016. Compared with the corresponding month of the previous year, production in the business sector increased by 5.3 percent in calendar adjusted figures.

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