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Statistical programs for PX-files

PX is a standard format for statistical files used by a large number of statistical offices. A package of software has been developed for this format: PX-Win, PX-Web and PX-Edit. 

The PX format contains metadata (varialbe texts, codes, sources, date, etc.) and data. It can manage multi-dimensional data.

PX-Win (replaces PC-Axis)

PX-Win is an application developed by Statistics Sweden. It was released in June 2016 and replaces PC-Axis 2008, which is not compatible with for instance Windows 10. The application can be used for selection, calculation of totals, production of graphs etc. PX-files can be downloaded from the Statistical database. 


PX-Web is a program used for publishing statistics on the web, both data from Statistics Sweden as well as your own data. The program is free of charge since 1 January 2016 for Swedish government agencies and municipalities, international NSI:s and international organisations of statistics. 


PX-Edit is a program for PX-files developed by Statistics Finland. In PX-Edit you can process your PX-files in various ways. 

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