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About the website

The structure is based on four main areas:

Finding statistics - is the main entrance to the statistics. Here you can find all statistical surveys, the Statistical Database, historical statistics and regional statistics. The Library is here and you can also search the website and Statistical Database.

Here you will also find our new initiative Sweden in figures that includes many of the most popular statistics, presented in a clear and concise way in the form of texts, infographics and interactive charts. Sweden in figures is for everyone, but our key target audience is teachers and students in primary and secondary schools. 

For the time being Statistics in Figures is only in the Swedish language, but we plan to expand parts of it into English.

Services – is where to go when you are looking for custom-made statistics or would like to order your own survey. You will also find tools for further processing and analysis of statistics as well as guidelines for researchers and information about courses and seminars.

Documentation – is a collection of information about how we conduct our surveys. Here you will find detailed descriptions about the content of our registers, information about classifications and standards as well as statistical methods. 

About Statistics Sweden – includes information about the agency and the statistical system/Official Statistics of Sweden.



Contact us

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