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Goodbye from the Swedish Presidency in Statistics


Sweden held the Presidency in the Council during the second half of 2009. Unfortunately we never got the oppertunity to arrange any meetings in the Working Group on Statistics during our Presidency term, because no new proposals for legal acts were put forward by the Commission.

During our Presidency term three legal acts were finalized, which we inherited from the Czech Presidency, namely:

  • Statistics over the Information Society,
  • Collection of statistics by the European Central Bank, and
  • Statistics on pesticides/plant protection products.

The Presidency Team would like to thank all the partners involved in the finalizing process of the legal acts. We would also like to wish our Spanish colleagues the very best of success over the coming 6 months!




Mats Wadman
Deputy Director General, Statistics Sweden and Chair of the Council Working Group on Statistics.

Senast uppdaterad 2010-01-01