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PC-Axis is replaced by PX-Win. No support or development is being done on PC-Axis

PC-Axis is a Windows program which can be linked to a web browser as a helper application. The main module has options to change between stub and heading (pivot function), export tables into other software like MS-Excel, it brings footnotes on different levels, it can make simple diagrams and has a link to the map program PX-Map. PC-Axis works with PC-Axis files. 


PC-Axis SQL Macro accesses a relational database containing metadata in the process of selecting statistics from the output database. This SQL database must have metadata in accordance with the SCB metadata model.


PX-Batch work together with PC-Axis SQL and is a tool to run multiple queries to the SQL database simultaneously.


Senast uppdaterad 2016-06-21 | Kortadress: http://www.scb.se/pc-axis/pc-axis


PX-Win that replaces PC-Axis was published 21 June 2016.