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PX-Web 2017 v.1 planned release in April-May 2017

Some of the things that will be included in the PX-Web 2017 v. 1 version

  • Caching of saved queries. To improve performance we now cache saved queries. Also the API caching functionality has been rewritten so the caches for saved queries and the API can be handled (and customized) in the same way.
  • Stability improvements. There have been problems with locking of database.config files and also problems with other files being locked when restarting PX-Web.
  • Bug fixes for pie chart and population pyramid
  • Fixed problem with downloading files using https
  • Fixed problem with configuring API settings from the administration tool
  • JsonStat serializer bug fix
  • Fixed bug regarding the keyword VARIABLE-TYPE
  • Fixed bug with keyword DOMAIN being case sensitive
  • API calls with short URL containing only TABLE identifier now works for both CNMM and PX-files
  • Fixed problems with the User configuration in the administration tool

Senast uppdaterad 2017-03-10


Due to problems with our test server the release will probably be in beginning of May