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Joakim Stymne new Director-General of Statistics Sweden

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Today, the Swedish Government appointed Joakim Stymne as the new Director-General and head of Statistics Sweden.

Joakim Stymne joined Statistics Sweden from the National Government Employee Pensions Board. He was previously employed as a state secretary at the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and he also has a background as a chief economist in the financial market. He has degrees in economics from the Stockholm School of Economics and Harvard University.

Johan Stymne will take up his post as Director-General on 11 December.

“I have great respect for the authority’s skills and activities. I feel truly honoured to be entrusted with heading up Statistics Sweden and look forward to joining my new colleagues in their efforts to develop the authority in pace with changes in the world around us and ensuring that our statistics maintain their high quality,” Joakim Stymne says.