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Statistics Sweden rectifies statistics on hours worked

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Statistics Sweden has identified an issue that affected estimates of the number of hours worked in the Labour Force Survey (LFS) during parts of 2020. The error arose during an IT system update. The issue has now been addressed and the statistics have been rectified. The greater part of the adjustments lies within the statistical margin of error.

The estimate concerning the number of hours worked for certain persons who had more than one job in the period February to July 2020 was affected. This led to an underestimate of varying degrees of the total number of hours worked. The underestimate lies within the statistical margin of error for all months except May, in which the underestimate was just outside the margin of error.

Facts: LFS

The Labour Force Survey (LFS) is a sample survey that describes developments in the labour market for Sweden's population aged 15–74 years. The LFS shows the number and the proportion of employed persons and unemployed persons per month, quarter and year. This is the only source with continuous data on the total unemployment rate and represents the official unemployment figure.


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