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Information related to the coronavirus

COVID-19: information to respondents in surveys to companies.

We would like to remind self-employed persons and entrepreneurs to continue to submit data to Statistics Sweden’s various surveys to companies. Filling in a survey from Statistics Sweden may not be top of your list in the current situation. However, now that society is being put to the test, the information you provide from your company is more important than ever for the Swedish economy.

Around the world, countries are facing a difficult economic situation due to COVID-19. It has been described as an impending deep recession, ahead of an even deeper recession. The Government, the Riksdag, and the Riksbank will make decisions that directly affect your organisation and may have a widespread impact on public finances.

COVID-19 and measures related to the coronavirus may affect your business in many ways. We appreciate your support and for any questions about submitting information, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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