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  1. Real estate tax assessments

    The statistics present factors such as taxation values, the number of assessed units, construction year for all real estate in Sweden. The data is based on general, simplified and special real estate assessments carried out by the Swedish Tax Agency.

  2. BO0601_DO_2015_MW_170228.pdf

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  5. Fastighetstaxeringar 2010 Beskrivning av statistiken

  6. BO0601_BS_2014_141212.pdf

  7. Fastighetstaxeringar referensår 2006 Beskrivning av statistiken

  8. Dokumentation Fastighetstaxeringar FTR 2016

  9. Beskrivning av statistiken - Fastighetstaxeringar 2015

  10. BO0601_BS_2011.pdf