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Panel of students for longitudinal studies

Upcoming publishing: 2019-12-10

Statistics Sweden (SCB) has a system of longitudinal sample surveys for reviewing the school situation during years 3-9 in compulsory education. Until now 7 cohorts have been followed through compulsory education. The latest panel is called panel 8 and started with a sample of about 10 percent of the pupils in year 3 in the spring 2014. The majority of these pupils were born 2004. The previous panel was based on a sample of year 3 pupils in 2008. Most of them were born 1998. Before that the intervals between the cohorts were 5 years.

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Panel of students for longitudinal studies, school year 2017/2018:


The participation rate over time in remedial education in years 7–9 of compulsory school has been 1 out of 10 pupils. In the spring of 2018, this participation rate was just under 10 percent, which is on par with last year.

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Title Language Type Date
Pupil panel for longitudinal studies. From the compulsory school through the upper secondary school 1998–2002 Swedish with elements of English SM 2003-12-19
Pupil Panel 5 – Year 3, 1997 to Year 6, 2000 Swedish with elements of English Report 2003-12-01
Panel of students for longitudinal studies. Studies in local authority administered adult education and higher education Swedish with elements of English SM 2002-03-20

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