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Community Innovation Survey

Upcoming publishing: 2021-11-11

The statistics illustrate innovation activities in Swedish companies with 10 or more employees. Among other things, it demonstrate what kind of innovation the companies introduced and what innovation-related activities were carried out during a reference period of three years.

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Innovation activity in enterprises in Sweden


The latest report published concerning the community innovation survey includes a chapter on innovation activity within the different regions of Sweden. A summary of the results follows below.

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Title Language Type Date
Community innovation survey 2016–2018 English Report 2020-04-17
Innovation activity in Swedish Enterprises 2014–2016 English Report 2018-02-23
Regional innovation statistics in Sweden 2012–2014 English Rapport 2016-05-20
Innovation activity in Swedish Enterprises 2012–2014 English Rapport 2016-02-18
Regional innovation statistics in Sweden 2010–2012 English Rapport 2014-05-20
Innovation activity in Swedish enterprises 2010–2012 English Rapport 2014-02-12

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