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Innovation activity in enterprises in Sweden 2016-2018:

Stockholm, the region with highest average expenses for innovation activities

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2020-04-17 9.30

The latest report published concerning the community innovation survey includes a chapter on innovation activity within the different regions of Sweden. A summary of the results follows below.

Percentage of innovation active enterprises evenly distributed between regions

Småland med öarna noted the highest percentage of innovation active enterprises, 61 percent, followed by Stockholm, 59 percent. Mellersta Norrland noted the lowest percentage of innovation active enterprises, 47 percent.

Percentage of innovation active enterprises, 2016-2018. Percent


Stockholm noted the highest average innovation expenditure excluding R&D, SEK 2.4 billion, as seen in relation to the number of innovation active enterprises in the region, closely followed by Västsverige and Sydsverige. Expenses for in-house R&D was the largest of the three types of expenses related to innovation in all regions in Sweden. The Småland med öarna region noted the largest percentage of innovation active enterprises, and accounted for 5 percent of total innovation expenditure. In comparison, Stockholm accounted for 46 percent.

Average expenses related to innovation activities, 2018. SEK millions


Enterprises can receive public support from the government, support from the European Union, support from local or regional authorities, and support through EU programmes such as Horizon 2020, as well as tax deductions for R&D.

Among enterprises that conducted innovation activities, 9 percent reported that they had received financial support. In Övre Norrland, 13 percent of the enterprises that conducted innovation activity received financial support. Norrland, Mellansverige and Stockholm noted the lowest percentage of enterprises to receive financial support, 7 percent. The share of enterprises that received support was evenly distributed between regions.

Percentage of innovation active enterprises that received financial support for innovation activities, 2016-2018. Percent
RegionPercentage of
enterprises to
recieve financial
support, total
KI, 95%
Stockholm 7 1
Östra Mellansverige 8 2
Småland med öarna 10 3
Sydsverige 10 2
Västsverige 10 2
Norra Mellansverige 7 3
Mellersta Norrland 10 4
Övre Norrland 13 5
Whole country 9 1

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Community innovation survey 2016-2018 (pdf)

A selection of tables is included in the appendix.

Regional tables 2016-2018

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