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Intramural R&D expenditure in the government sector by socio-economic objectives 2019, SEK millions

Socio-economic objectives  
All socio-economic objectives [1] 7 494
Transport, telecommunication and other infrastructures 208
Industrial production and technology 392
Health 4 510
Political and social systems, structures and processes 423
General advancement of knowledge 147
Defence 1 203
Other socio-economic objectives [2] 611

1) Intramural R&D in the local and regional R&D sector is not distributed on socio-economic objectives.

2) Other socio-economic objectives are: Exploration and exploitation of the earth; Environment; Exploration and exploitation of space; Energy; Agriculture; Education; Culture, recreation, religion and mass media.

Data for all objectives: Research and development, government sector, in Statistical database.

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