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Investments in environmental protection , 2001-2020

SEK millions. In industry, by environmental domain


This graph only contains the investments in environmental protection, not the current expenditures.

The domain Other from the year 2001-2015 has been divided into Biodiversity, Land and *Other from 2016 and onwards.

Investments for environmental domain air and other 2018 revised October 2020.

Definitions and explanations

Air - Measures to reduce emissions to air.

Water - Measures to reduce emissions to water.

Waste - Measures to reduce production of waste.

Other - Measures to reduce emissions to e.g. land, noise, radiation.

Biodiversity - Messure to reduce emission to biodiversity and landscape.

Land - Messures to reduce emission to land and groundwater.
Other* - Messure to reduce noice and radiation.

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