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Localities and urban areas

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Upcoming publishing: 2023-03-23

The statistics show the urban land area, population, structure of buildings, and employed day population. An urban area has contiguous buildings with at least 200 residents. Statistics Sweden separates urban areas geographically and then calculates statistics for each urban area.

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Detached one- or two-dwelling houses most common in localities


The most common type of dwelling in localities is detached one- or two-dwelling houses. They make up 72 percent of the total number of dwellings in localities. At the same time, more than half of the population of localities reside in multi-dwelling buildings.

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Title Language Type Date
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Land use in urban settlements and their surroundings. Changes between 1970–1980 English SM 1987-02-18
Land use in urban settlements and their surroundings in 1980 English SM 1985-08-16
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