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Protected nature

Official statistics of Sweden

Upcoming publishing: 2023-05-24

The purpose of this survey is to give an overall view of protected areas in Sweden. Protected areas are defined here as statutory protection of nature regulated by the Environmental Code, such as national parks, nature reserves etc.

Statistical news

More than 100 new nature reserves


In 2021, the number of nature reserves increased by 101 areas. This means that Sweden had more than 5,300 nature reserves at the end of 2021. The largest new nature reserve was the Slite archipelago, located on the eastern side of Gotland. The area covers more than 6,300 hectares in total, including a marine area of almost 6,000 hectares.

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Title Language Type Date
Protected Nature 2021 Swedish Report 2022-05-24
Protected Nature 2020 Swedish Report 2021-05-27
Protected Nature 2019 Swedish SM 2020-05-27
Protected nature 2018. Corrected 2020-05-14 Swedish SM 2019-05-24
Protected Nature 2017 Swedish SM 2018-05-23
Protected nature 2014 Swedish with elements of English SM 2018-03-28
Protected nature 2016 Swedish SM 2017-05-22
Protected nature 2015 Swedish with elements of English SM 2016-05-24
Protected nature 2013 Swedish with elements of English SM 2014-05-23

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