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Capital investments, 3rd quarter 2019

Market value of insurance companies’ capital investments is rising

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden and Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority 2019-11-29 9.30

Insurance companies’ net sales of investment assets amounted to SEK 2 billion in the third quarter of 2019. Total holdings amounted to SEK 5 223 billion at the end of the period, compared with SEK 5 088 billion at the end of the previous quarter.

Strong market development in shares and participations

After the third quarter, the market value of insurance companies’ holdings in shares and participations amounted to SEK 3 276 billion, compared with SEK 3 163 billion in the previous quarter. Total net investments of SEK 5 billion in shares and participations were made in the third quarter. The value increase on held assets in these asset classes thereby contributed significantly to the change in the market value of insurance companies’ total volume of investment assets in the quarter.

Holdings in bonds accounted for a smaller, but important, contribution to the increase in market value of existing investments. Assets in this class, valued at SEK 1 452 billion at the beginning of the quarter, were net sold for SEK 4 billion during the quarter; at the end of the quarter, assets held were valued at SEK 1 467 billion.

Investments in buildings and land

Insurance companies invested SEK 7 billion in buildings and land in the third quarter, which is the largest amount invested in this asset class in a quarter in the last ten years.

Non-life and life insurance in the third quarter

The market value of life insurance companies’ capital investments amounted to SEK 4 641 billion at the end of the third quarter, compared with SEK 4 511 billion in the previous quarter. The corresponding figures for non-life insurance companies were SEK 582 billion and SEK 577 billion, respectively.

Life insurance companies’ net investments in investment assets during the quarter amounted to SEK 4 billion, while non-life insurance companies net sold capital investments for SEK 6 billion in the same period.

Insurance companies' total investment assets

Diagram - Kapitalplaceringar 3:e kvartalet 2019

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