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Occurrence of income from work for those with a deficit in their own business by gender and region, 2017 income year

Figures in percent

Income solely from sole tradingZero or negative income from workPositive income from workIncome solely from sole tradingZero or negative income from workPositive income from work
SE11 5.4 19.0 7.6 4.5 18.4 77.2
SE12 5.0 23.9 71.1 4.3 21.6 74.1
SE21 4.4 23.4 72.2 4.1 20.9 75.1
SE22 5.4 23.9 70.7 7.4 21.7 74.0
SE23 4.3 23.0 72.8 3.7 20.5 75.8
SE31 3.4 29.2 67.4 3.4 27.9 68.6
SE32 3.9 29.5 66.7 3.9 25.3 70.8
SE33 3.0 29.2 67.8 2.9 25.9 71.2

Definitions and explanations

Sole proprietor

Sole proprietor is a person who has declared income from business in declaration from NE or NEA. There is no distinction between active or passive economic activity. Persons who has declared income from business on declaration form N3A, as co-owner in a partnership company is not included in these tables.

Income from work

Calculation of income from work contains, income wages, sick pay, parent’s allowance and daily allowance along with education. Surplus from sole trading, and partnership company as well as income from activities where the indivual is responsible for payroll tax should be included in the income of work.

Determination of region

The determination of region has been done from notation of the city for the company’s headquarters in Statistics Sweden's Business Register.


NUTSis the national area used within EU for statistical purposes. NUTS 2 contains eight national areas in Sweden.

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