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Income and tax statistics

Upcoming publishing: 2020-04-07

The statistics show the distribution of incomes and taxes for individuals and households, and are available by county, municipality, sex, age, country of birth, occupation and level of education. The statistics are based on a total population survey, thus making it suitable for regional analysis.

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Income and taxes 2018, final


Households’ economic standard continued to increase in 2018, albeit at a slower rate than a few years ago. The median amount for the economic standard was 0.8 percent higher than in 2017, taking inflation into account. Statistics on households’ incomes and taxes show that the economic standard has increased by 14 percent since 2011.

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Title Language Type Date
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Income report 2017 – individuals and households English Report 2019-06-27
Income Mobility Statistics in Sweden 2016 English Report 2018-09-21
Income report 2016 – individuals and households English Report 2018-06-29
Income report 2015 – individuals and households English Report 2017-06-27
Income report 2014 – individuals and households English Report 2016-12-07
From sample survey to totally register-based household income statistics English Rapport 2016-02-04

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