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Dwelling stock

Official statistics of Sweden

Upcoming publishing: 2023-03-23

The statistics present the number of apartments in the dwelling stock. The dwelling stock is presented in the Statistical Database by type of building, period of construction, type of ownership, tenure and size (living area). The regional breakdown of statistics consists of national, county and municipal levels. Other regional levels can be produced on commission.

Statistical news

Nearly 5.1 million dwellings in Sweden


At the end of December 2021 there were 5 096 007 dwellings in Sweden. Among these, 2 115 329 dwellings (42 percent) were in one- or two-dwelling buildings, 2 626 837 (52 percent) were in multi-dwelling buildings, 272 754 (5 percent) were in special housing and 81 087 (2 percent) were in other buildings.

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