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Real estate prices and registrations of title

Official statistics of Sweden

Upcoming publishing: 2022-10-13

The statistics present price level, price trends and turnover in the real estate market for granted registrations of title via registration of title deeds or registration of site leaseholds. The statistics covers the entire real estate market. The survey also presents comprehensive turnover statistics of tenant-owned dwellings.

Key figures for Sweden

Real Estate Price Index, quarter, preliminary values

1 056

Index 1981=100

Reference period: 2nd quarter 2022

9 %

compared with the same period previous year

3 %

compared with the previous period

Statistical news

Real estate prices and registration of title, 2nd quarter of 2022


Prices according to the Real Estate Price Index for one- or two-dwelling buildings rose by almost 3 percent at national level in the second quarter 2022 compared with the previous quarter. The statistics are reported after the date of purchase, that is, the date when the buyer becomes the new owner.

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