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Simplified assessment of real estate for one-and two-dwelling buildings in 2021:

Assessed values for one- or two dwelling units increased 12 percent in 2021

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2022-02-24 8.00

Compared with 2020, the assessed values for one- or two dwelling units increased by 12 percent for comparable units in 2021.

In 2021 there has been a general assessment of real estate for one- or two dwelling units. With this assessment the Swedish Tax Agency has calculated new assessed values. The assessed values have increased or decreased and the determent for that is the property sales done during 2017-2019.

The highest increase in Sweden of assed values for one- or two-dwelling units was in the county of Blekinge and Dalarna by 22 percent. In the county of Stockholm the assessed values increased by 2 percent which was the lowest increase in Sweden.

Major differences in assessed value changes between municipalities

The highest increase in Sweden of average assessed values for one- or two-dwelling units was in the municipality of Munkfors by 36 percent. The assessed values decreased in ten municipalities. Järfälla was the municipality with the highest decrease in the assessed values with 7 percent. In the three metropolitan municipalities, Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö, the tax value changes varied. In Stockholm it decreased by 1 percent, in Malmö and Göteborg it increased by 17 and 11 percent respectively.

Of the ten municipalities with the highest changes, 3 out of 10 are in Värmland County. For the ten municipalities that have the lowest changes, are all of them in Stockholm County.

Assessed values for all the taxable units in Sweden 2021 and 2020
MunicipalityTotal number of
comparable assessed
Change in
Munkfors 1 446 36
Storfors 1 911 35
Herrljunga 2 455 35
Säter 3 729 35
Nordmaling 2 864 35
Aneby 2 043 35
Malung-Sälen 8 585 34
Svenljunga 3 604 34
Grums 3 006 33
Norberg 1 795 33

The ten municipalities with the lowest change in the assessed values
MunicipalityTotal number of
comparable assessed
Change in
Järfälla 9 761 ‑7
Upplands Väsby 5 807 ‑2
Huddinge 18 583 ‑2
Botkyrka 12 027 ‑2
Salem 3 196 ‑1
Tyresö 9 563 ‑1
Täby 13 944 ‑1
Stockholm 42 351 ‑1
Nacka 15 653 ‑1
Sundbyberg 1 414 ‑1

Definitions and explanations

The change of assessed value at the simplified assessment of real estate in 2021 is calculated on comparable units. The term “comparable unit” refers to assessed units which are essentially unchanged between the assessments. It is this population that is given here. 

The assessed value shall correspond to 75 percent of the market value two years before the latest tax assessment. Market value refers to the price the assessed unit could get at a sale on the open market. For the general property taxation for one- or two-dwelling building that was conducted in year 2021, this means that the taxation value should be 75 percent of the sales price for year 2019 for one- or two-dwelling buildings.

 Type codes that are included in the comparison of assessed values are type code “220 One- or two-dwelling building, developed”, “223 One- or two-dwelling building, with residential buildings and premises”, “225 One- or two-dwelling building, dwelling with leasehold” and “230 One- or two-dwelling building, group house area under Chapter 12. 3§ FTL”.

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