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The Swedish Occupational Register with statistics

Starting with the 2014 survey, occupations are reported according to the Swedish Standard Classification of Occupations (SSYK 2012). It reflects today's occupational structure better than the previous occupational classification (SSYK 96). The base for SSYK 2012 is the international classification (ISCO-08). Comparison with previous years reported according to SSYK96 is not possible.

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Pizza makers is the occupation with the largest share of foreing born persons, 79 percent. This was also the occupation with the largest percentage of foreign born men, 88 percent. “Maid, nanny and related workers” was the occupation with the largest percentage, 68 percent, of foreign born women. This was followed by the occupation “cleaners and helpers in offices, hotels and other establishments”, in which foreign born women accounted for nearly 50 percent. Among employees aged 16-64 years, foreign born persons accounted for 17 percent.

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