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Children and their Families

Upcoming publishing: 2018-06-14

Statistics Sweden produces, yearly since 1998, comprehensive statistics about children's living conditions. The statistics is about children's families, about separation between parents, joint and sole custody, about adopted children, geographic distance between children and parents, about parents' employment and about economic conditions.

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Statistics on children and their families


Nearly one out of four children in Sweden have foreign background. Living conditions are different for children with foreign background than for children with Swedish background. For instance, it is more common for children with foreign background to live with a single parent and in a rented dwelling.

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Title Language Type Date
Development of Statistics Sweden’s statistics on children and their families Report 2017-03-28
Theme: Children Today; Describing children's living conditions based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child Report 2009-11-18
Children and their Families 2006 Report 2007-12-07
Segregation among children in Sweden Report 2007-02-21
Children and their Families 2005 Report 2006-11-30

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