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Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (SILC)

The statistics describe various aspects of living conditions for different groups of the population aged 16 and older: housing, economy, health, leisure, civic activities, social relationships, employment and working environment, security and safety.

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Living Conditions Survey


During the past year, 5 percent of the population fell behind with payments due to financial difficulties. A higher proportion of single men than single women fell behind with payments; 8 percent compared with 5 percent.

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Title Language Type Date
Work environment 1980–2020 English Report 2021-09-13
Insecurity 1980-2020 English Report 2021-05-19
Visits to the forests and fields 2018–2019. In urban and rural areas and from an economic perspective English Report 2021-03-23
Measuring disability: a comparison of different statistical sources English Report 2020-11-25
Work environment 1980-2017 English Report 2018-12-17
Threats, violence and worry 1980–2017 English Report 2018-05-31
Living Conditions 1980–2016 – selected indicators English Report 2018-03-02
Leisure 2014–2015 English Report 2017-01-25
Health 2012–2013 English Rapport 2015-05-22
Changes in the Life Conditions Survey 2006–2008 – A Study in the Comparability of Welfare Indicators over time English Rapport 2010-10-01
Alternative modes of data collection in ULF, phase 2 – A comparison between two different modes of data collection English Rapport 2010-01-18

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