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Adjusted compilation method for CPI, CPIF and HICP weights in 2021

The weights used to compile the CPI, CPIF, HICP and other measures of consumer side inflation are updated on an annual basis to take into account changes in the distribution of household expenditure between different elementary products groups. Normally, these updates are made on the basis of houshold consumption during the year (y-2). However, in 2021, Statistics Sweden will deviate fom this practice and take into account shifts in consumption during 2020 when compiling the weights. The reason for this change in practice is that expenditures in 2019 are not considered to be representative as a base year for 2021, given the large shifts in consumption patterns observed in 2020. The adjustment will be based on quarterly national accounts data available up to the third quarter of 2020.

The adjusted compilation method is in line with Eurostat’s guidance on the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP):

Guidance on the compilation of HICP weights in case of large changes in consumer expenditure (pdf)

For details please refer to the Swedish information note.


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