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Changes in PPI as of 2022

Changes in the CN and SPIN classifications

Eurostat has as of 2022 changed how certain commodity codes according to the Combined Nomenclature are linked to the SPIN classification. These changes were not known at the time of the publication of indices for January. Indices for January for certain product groups have therefore been revised as of the publication of indices for February, 2022-03-25.

Changes have been made within product groups 26, 27 and 38. Digital cameras that were previously classified into 26.7 Optical instruments and photographic equipment, and other types of cameras that were classified into 26.4 Consumer electronics, are now classified as 26.3 Communication equipment

Battery chargers were previously classified into 27.11 Electric motors, generators and transformers, and LED lamps into 27.4 Electric lighting equipment. Both are now classified into 27.9 Other electrical equipment.

Waste that was previously classified into 38.11 Non-hazardous waste are now classified into 38.32 Sorted materials recovery services; secondary raw materials.

The link between CN and SPIN is available here (only in Swedish):

Nycklar KN–SITC och KN–SPIN (

The revision affects both the product groups where the products were previously classified into, as well as the product groups where they are now classified. Groupings that include affected product groups might have changed as well. The effects are different on the different markets.