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Restaurant Index, third quarter 2022

Increase in restaurant sales in third quarter 2022

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2022-12-08 8.00

The restaurant sales volume increased by 4.9 percent in the third quarter compared with the same period a year ago. The largest increase in sales volume, 24.7 percent, was among restaurants near traffic.

Staff restaurants recorded the second largest increase, 7.9 percent, compared with the third quarter 2021.

Turnover generated by restaurants increased by 13.8 percent in current prices in the third quarter compared with the same quarter last year.

Definitions and explanations

Restaurant categories:

Hotel restaurants – restaurants at hotels, conference centers or other accommodation facilities.
Cafés – cafés of all kinds with limited food services. ”Coffee specialists”. Usually no alcohol serving permit.

Fast food restaurants – quick service, take away is common. Usually no alcohol serving permit. Examples of businesses are burger chains, street food and salad bars.

Lunch and dinner restaurants – traditional restaurants with table service, gourmet restaurants, diners and pizzerias etcetera.

Restaurants near traffic – all kinds of restaurants at or near airports, train stations, ports and motorways with large flows of visitors. Restaurants at exhibition centers, sports facilities and zoos are also included in this category as well as specialized catering businesses.

Entertainment restaurants – businesses focusing on drinks, even if food is commonly served as well. Typical examples are pubs, bars, night clubs and show restaurants.

Staff restaurants – restaurants providing services to businesses, often by contract and sometimes within client facilities. Opening hours are often limited.

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