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Imports from large trade partners

The Swedish import of goods from five large countries of consignment. Trend

Imports from large trade partners (1)

In foreign trade in goods, trend series are reported for a selection of groups of commodities and countries, as well as the net trade balance (imports, exports, trade in goods balance). The trend is estimated based on a modelling of the original series in current prices using the X12-ARIMA method, adjusted for calendar effects. The trend highlights long-term tendencies in the time series at the relevant point in time.

Definitions and explanations

The statistics about the Swedish foreign trade with other EU countries are missing information about the country of origin. As a consequence the information about partner country on imports is equal to the country of consignment in the Swedish foreign trade in goods statistics. Commodities which originate from a non-EU country but are imported to EU (properly EC) via another EU country get this EU country as the country of consignment in the Swedish import statistics. Therefore one may claim that the information about the Swedish import from EU is overestimated.

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