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Regional statistical products

Statistics Sweden's statistical products combine statistics from many subject areas with different kinds of geographic divisions, such as county, municipal, partial areas, and postal code areas. The products are developed by Statistics Sweden as commissioned work.

Regional statistical products also include complete table packages for municipal planners and other profiles that are created for each individual customer.

Care Need Index (CNI)

CNI is a tool that uses socio-economic conditions to identify the risk of health. Among other things, it can be used by regions as support when calculating healthcare compensation.

Citizen Survey

In Statistics Sweden's citizen survey, the municipality's residents have the opportunity to express their opinion about their municipality and its activities.

Geospatial data processing and analysis

Through geographic processing and analysis, you can get customized data for planning and investigative activities.

Higher education statistics

Statistics Sweden can compile processed Higher education statistics at regional level.

Local economic analysis (LEA)

LEA is primarily aimed at local development projects, local development groups and village communities that want to develop their area.

Market Profiles

Market profiles give you the opportunity to use several subject areas at a low regional level.

Neighbourhood Profile

Neighborhood profile is a good basis for, among other things, market analysis, customer background, and planning.

Population projections

You can order Population projections that describe the future population of your region annually.

Population statistics by parishes

You can order detailed population statistics for parishes.

Resident Profiles

Housing profiles turns to private and municipally owned housing companies who want to know more about the residents in their housing.

Staff diversity

Staff diversity turns to you who want to know what your organization's composition looks like from a diversity perspective.

Statistical table Package

Statistics Sweden's statistical table package is used by municipalities, among other things in regional and municipal planning.

Turnover statistics

The statistics report domestic turnover by industry and region and can be customized.

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