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Statistics Sweden's Neighbourhood Profile

Statistics Sweden's Neighbourhood profile provides you with statistics for selected geographic areas you receive a good basis for making intelligent decisions and reasoned conclusions.

With our access to Statistics Sweden’s many data registers, we can offer unique opportunities to supply answers to your questions.

When can I benefit from using Statistics Sweden's Neighbourhood Profile?

Statistics Sweden's Neighbourhood Profile is for those who want to know what is going on in an area. Our services can help you with determining a customer base, location for establishment, planning, impact or market analysis.

How does it work?

How many people live or work within a radius of 500 metres? You provide us with an address and we focus on an area based on a radius or a custom-defined area, depending on what suits you best!

What kind of information can I get?

After you have selected the area, we create a statistical report in Excel with tables that provide answers to the following questions:

  • What is the age structure of the residents in the area?
  • How many people have their workplace in the area?
  • What is the purchasing power in the area?
  • Housing form - are people living in owner-occupied apartments, rented dwellings or in one-to-two dwelling houses in the area?
  • How many cars, motorcycles and mopeds are in the area?

Example of a statistical report (xls)

You don't need to invest in any map program; Statistics Sweden creates the documentation for you.

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