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Published: 2015-02-05
Nr 2015:86

Press release

Press release 2015-02-05

Top ranking for Statistics Sweden from European auditors

Statistics Sweden is one of Europe's leading statistical agencies. This is illustrated in a report from a group of EU auditors that has examined all of the EU's national statistical offices.

The auditors' report focusses on how well the national statistical offices follow the Code of Practice for European statistics. In recent years Statistics Sweden has invested considerable resources in methodology and quality work. The report shows that these investments have been well-placed.

To improve quality, Statistics Sweden has introduced standardised tools and models to produce statistics. Staff members thus are provided with practical support in their work, which leads to reduced costs and reduced vulnerability in the case of changes in staff.

Other good examples highlighted by the auditors were:

  • Statistics Sweden's ISO certification shows that the agency has an overall approach to quality work on all levels of operations.
  • The development of the ASPIRE system where the agency's ten most important products are examined by international experts.
  • The Scientific Council of Statistics Sweden, where leading academics, national as well as international, are consulted on issues that concern statistical methods.

– The fact that we have a top rating among European statistical agencies shows that the work we put into producing statistics of high quality really pays off. But we cannot just sit back. We must constantly work to develop and improve operations so we can give our users the best statistics they can get, says Stefan Lundgren, Director General of Statistics Sweden.

The auditors also pointed out possible improvement actions. When it comes to Sweden the auditors saw certain problems with the Swedish statistical system, based on 27 statistical agencies with Statistics Sweden in a coordinating role.

– The Swedish statistical system has both advantages and disadvantages. It is important that the statistics meet users' expectations and needs, and that all agencies work together to ensure that the overall perspective is strengthened, says Stefan Lundgren.

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