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The library at Statistics Sweden is a special library for statistics. You are welcome to visit us during opening hours or contact us by telephone or e-mail to make an appointment.

Due to a sharp drop in the use of the library and its collections, Statistics Sweden has decided on various changes in the operations of the library. As of 1 January 2016, the external lending operations of publications from Statistics Sweden's collections will cease. Statistics Sweden's material will only be available for use on our premises at Karlavägen 100, Stockholm. You may contact the library via e-mail to make an appointment.

The library collection consists of

  • Swedish official statistics
  • All statistics produced by Statistics Sweden
  • Literature on statistical theory and methods
  • International statistical publications up to 2008

Statistics Sweden is currently looking for a new place for the vast collection of international statistics. When suitable placement has been found and the collection has been moved, we will provide information about the new placement here on our website.

In the future the collection will only include the following material:

  • All Swedish historical statistics (regardless of producer or publisher)
  • Literature about statistical theory and methodology

The collection is kept in storage and needs to be collected. We advise you to browse in the web catalogue and find what you are looking for before you visit us. Then let us know what you would like by making a request. If you make the request before 11:00 it will be available at 13:00 on the same day.

Read more about the changes for Statistics Sweden's library.

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