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Inventory of data source for quantification of ecosystem services

The Environmental Accounts is an information system developed to systematically describe the connections between environment and economy. Statistics on environment and economy provide a foundation for calculations on costs of environmental measures and damages, analysis of environmental and economic policy as well as indicators on environmental status and sustainable development.

Report 2013:3

Inventory of data sources for quantification of eco system services

The purpose of this project has been to make an inventory of available statistics and data sources that can be used to find measurable and quantifiable aspects of eco system services. Around 90 data sources have been studied in the inventory.

The inventory can further be used to examine the overall data supply and identify areas where important data is missing or can be improved.

The report was commissioned by the Environmental Ministry in Sweden.

Many reports have been published in the series Environmental Accounts since 1998. They are accessible online at

Series: MI71 - Environmental accounts
Article number: MI71BR1303
Language: English
Urn: urn:nbn:se:scb-2013-mi71br1303_pdf
ISSN: 1654-6822 (online); 1403-1337 (print)
Responsible for statistics: Statistics sweden
Producer: Statistics Sweden
Official Statistics of Sweden: No
Publicerad: 10/11/2013

Sebastian Constantino


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