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Carbon dioxide emissions from Swedish final consumption 1995–2009

This report describes the carbon dioxide emissions generated by Swedish final consumption within and outside of Sweden for the period 1995–2009. The analysis is based on the use of environmentally extended input-output tables together with information from the multiregional input-output database WIOD (World Input Output Database). Through the analysis it is possible to measure the emissions arising directly from the use of a certain good or service as well as the indirect emissions from previous steps in the production process.

Series: MI71 - Environmental accounts
Article number: MI71BR1501
Language: English
Urn: urn:nbn:se:scb-2015-mi71br1501_pdf
ISSN: 1654-6822 (online); 1403-1337 (print)
Responsible for statistics: Statistics sweden
Producer: Statistics Sweden
Official Statistics of Sweden: No
Publicerad: 1/20/2015

Nancy Steinbach


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