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Tables on the population in Sweden 2007. Corrected version 2010-02-18

During 2010 a quality assessment was made on the statistics on asylum seekers. During this assessment the chapter on asylum seekers was removed. The assessment did not lead to any changes in how the statistics is produced and the statistics is now available in the Statistical Database.

Series: BE01 -
Article number: BE0108TAB
Language: Swedish with elements of English
Urn: urn:nbn:se:scb-2008-be0108tab_04_pdf
ISBN: 978-91-618-1442-8
ISSN: 1654-4358 (online); 1653-0926 (print)
Responsible for statistics: Statistics sweden
Producer: Statistics Sweden
Official Statistics of Sweden: Yes
Publicerad: 6/27/2008

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