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Economic indicators

Statistics Sweden publishes a vast amount of statistics that describe the economic situation in Sweden. Economic indicators provide a sample of the most frequently requested statistics. Each indicator also includes a short text. The aim of the statistics is so that users can gather statistics via Statistics Sweden's APIs and create their own services based on the statistics.

Below you can see the links to our Statistical Database and the tables that refer to the economic indicators.

Balance of Payments (BoP)

Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Exports and imports of goods

Financial Market Statistics

Industrial capacity utilisation

Industrial inventories

Industrial Production Index

Investment survey

Labour cost index (AKI)

Labour Force Surveys (LFS)

National Accounts (GDP)

Orders and turnover in industry

Price indices in Producer and Import stages (PPI)

Real estate price statistics

Registered vehicles

Retail trade sales

Service production index

Trends in volume of exports and imports of goods

Last updated 2014-04-01

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