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PX-Web is a solution for the web, it is used to establish dynamic tables from PC-Axis files. PX-Web can also be a part of a solution with connection to SQL databases.

The PX-Web applications are generated automatically from a PC-Axis database i.e. a catalogue structure containing PX-files. By using style sheets the application will fit into most web site layouts.

PX-Web is free of charge since January 2015

PX-Web is developed and owned by Statistics Sweden. To use it as a tool to disseminate statistics internally or externally you need to apply to Statistics Sweden by sending an e-mail.  

The previous licensing model for PX-Web, with at license fee providing access to the software and also including support and reference group meetings has thus cease.

The program will only be provided to Swedish government agencies and municipalities, international NSI's and international organisations in statistics.

Conditions regarding use of PX-Web

The receiving authority / organisation are responsible for handling the tool on their own using the instructions supplied with the tool. The access to PX-Web does not include ongoing support, any promises of further development or any guarantee against errors in the program and any use shall be at the users own risk.

Adaptations to the recipient's IT environment or support regarding major technical problems are not normally offered. Consultation can be agreed in specific cases and handled as a commission.

Access to the tool does not involve the right to actively disseminate it further outside the organisation. Statistics Sweden wishes to be informed on matters relating to the request for access to an IT tool developed by Statistics Sweden.


Note! For older versions we can not guarantee support.

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