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PX-Web 2017 v.1

News in PX-Web 2017 v.1 (released 2017-05-03)

  • Caching of saved queries. To improve performance we now cache saved queries. 
  • Common cache functionality for API calls and saved queries
  • Stability improvements. 
  • PX-file saved queries saved with .pxsq file extension
  • Possible to select more than 2100 values for a variable when using a CNMM database
  • Extended user handling
  • Short URL for API calls containing only TABLE identifier
  • “Maximum cells returned” setting for API calls
  • New PX-Web logotype
  • Ping functionality

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problems with files and resources being locked at application startup/restart
  • Now possible to select any number of values for a variable when using a CNMM database
  • Fixed problem showing the population pyramid
  • Fixed problem with population pyramid legend
  • Fixed problem with pie chart legend
  • Fix problem with downloading file multiple time using HTTPS
  • Fix problem in PX-Web when hitting Enter-button in search value field
  • Fixed problem with setting API settings from Administration tool
  • Moved all API related settings in PX-Web from web.config to setting.config
  • Fixed problem with JsonStatSerializer changing output file name
  • Fixed bug regarding the keyword VARIABLE-TYPE when saving table as PX-file
  • Verfies that chart width and height do not exceed max values
  • Ignore duplicate codes in valuesets
  • Keyword DOMAIN being case sensitive

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